Reasons to Consider a Dental Implant Restoration

In the past, replacing lost teeth means that patients need to choose between dentures and dental bridges. Although both restoration options served their purpose for many years, not everyone found them ideal. For instance, the installation of a bridge requires the alteration of healthy teeth to anchor the prosthesis in place. On the other hand, dentures tend to become uncomfortable since it becomes loose over time.

But aside from the prostheses mentioned above, there is now one more option that has become more and more popular among people suffering from tooth loss—dental implants. What makes it stand out among other options is it replaces the entire tooth structure, rather than just the visible portions. A dental implant restoration is made up of a screw-like implant that is inserted into the jaw and prosthesis, depending on the number of teeth that needs to be replaced.

dental implants

For our patients at Weekend Dentistry who are contemplating whether to get dental implants or settle with other options, we have listed some reasons why they should consider implant restorations. Continue reading below!

  • Implants won’t get cavities. However, it is still best to practice proper oral hygiene since the mouth is still vulnerable to other complications like gum disease.
  • If given the right care and attention, implant restorations can last for a very long time; it may even serve as a permanent solution to tooth loss.
  • Unlike dentures, dental implants are fixed in the patient’s mouth. As a result, the oral appliance won’t fall out or become wobbly when talking and eating.
  • Having lost teeth restored with dental implants can make a person feel more confident with a boosted self-esteem.
  • Implants look and feel natural. Compared to dentures that can look fake because of the acrylic material used, dental implants blend in with the gums and adjacent teeth.
  • Contrary to what most people think, dental implants are easier to maintain than dentures. The regular brushing and flossing habits patients perform with real teeth would suffice. There is no need for special creams or solutions for cleaning.
  • After losing teeth, it is also possible for the patient to start losing support to the other portions of the mouth like the bone, lips, and gums. Fortunately, by availing of dental implants, these structures can be preserved and kept healthy.

Are these pieces of information enough to convince you of giving Dental Implants in San Antonio, TX a go? If yes, then let us at Weekend Dentistry take care of your needs! Call or visit us at 238 N. Loop 1604 W. #201, San Antonio, TX 78232.